About Marie-Juliette

Marie-Juliette is a talented young soprano born In Argentina and raised in The Netherlands. At just 11 years old, her powerful and mature voice has enchanted audiences everywhere from Europe to South America including the popular TV talent show, "Superkids", where she sang the lovely Argentinian Tango ‘Mi Buenos Aires querido’, accompanied by the international orchestra ‘Malando’.


Every time Marie-Juliette heard a song, she just sang it. It was such a big part of her life that she started performing in public at the tender age of five. When she was eight she started taking singing lessons in order to further develop her exceptional voice. And at nine years old she had her first solo concert.

Over her career, Marie-Juliette has covered a wide repertoire from opera to classical crossovers, spiritual, even tango music. However, out of all the genres, classical masterpieces remain her favourite. She performs in many different languages, including English, Latin, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, German and Chinese (Mandarin).


Not only can Marie-Juliette sing in various different languages, but she can also speak various, including, English, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, German and Chinese (Mandarin), and is in the process of learning French and Latin as well. That very eagerness to learn is what lead Marie-Juliette to discover several different artistic talents, such as drawing, acting, modeling, designing, writing, songwriting, and fashion, among others. Architecture however, was something that struck Marie-Juliette greatly, and due to her international life, she grew to love this career, and is very eager to pursue it in parallel to her singing career.


But the young singer doesn’t just dream big, she also has the work ethic that is bound to make her a star. She’s only 14 years old, but she has already release three very successful albums. Her first album, 2014’s ‘Golden Christmas’ was recorded live during her Christmas Concert in 2013, followed by her second, ’Rose of Summer’, a collection of tracks from her summer concert tour in 2014. Marie-Juliette cares about her fans. This lead to her third album, ‘Marie-Juliette Tango’, which is the result of numerous fan requests to do a Latin and Argentinian inspired album. Taking the music to its roots, Marie-Juliette went to Argentina to record part of the album and applied the finishing touches in Holland. The album was released in June 2018.

The long awaited ‘Marie-Juliette Tango’ album, is composed of some of the most breathtaking Argentinian Tangos adapted exclusively to fit Marie-Juliette’s high vocal range. ‘Mi Buenos Aires querido’, the song which Marie-Juliette sang on the TV program Superkids, as well as ‘El Dia que me quieras’ a romantic Tango by Carlos Gardel, ‘Frente al Mar’ by Susy Leiva, and many more. Marie-Juliette commented that, “Tango music always seemed to grasp my attention one way or another. Ever since I was little, I used to always listen to my grandparents sing those songs and even though I never exactly understood what they were about, it intrigued me, I suppose that collaborated a ton with the inspiration for the album.”

The single, “Christmas Evening” is the first song penned by Marie-Juliette, and tells the Nativity story, the journey of the Three Wise men to Jesus Christ. It was officially released on January of 2018, after various trips to London, England for recording. 


"Your voice is connected to your soul"

-Tijl Beckand - Superkids 2015.

"An incredible eleven-year-old multilingual singer"

-Johnny de Mol - Superkids 2015

"If you can do this at the age of 11, then we'll be seeing a lot more of you in the future"

-Angela Groothuizen - Alkmaars Talent 2014.

“Marie-Juliette has a special and very beautiful voice” 

-Laurien Verstraten - Alkmaars Talent  2014 

Translated from Dutch.