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In May Marie-Juliette sang for a private event in the city of La Plata.


Marie-Juliette is currently working on the recording of her 4th music album. 


In August Marie-Juliette sang for a private event in the Pasaje Dardo Rocha in La Plata. 


Marie-Juliette sang in a private event in La Plata. 


In September, Marie-Juliette sang for a private event. 


On the 15th of September, Marie-Juliette gave a concert in the Cathedral of La Plata with two local organists.

Christmas Concert

On December 8th, Marie-Juliette hosted a Christmas Concert in the Cathedral of La Plata.

Opening performance

On December 10th, Marie-Juliette sang for the opening of the alter of  'la Virgen de la puerta' in the Cathedral. With the  presence of  the Ambassador of Peru, John Peter Camino Cannock, and to the Consul of Peru in La Plata, Noela Pantoja Crespo 

Christmas Concert

The 25th December, Marie-Juliette sang during Christmas Mass in the Cathedral of La Plata.

"My Grown up Christmas List" Release

During the Christmas season, Marie-Juliette released "My grown up Christmas List" with Dany Vila.



Christmas Mass

 On the 25th of December Marie-Juliette sang for the Holy Christmas Mass in the Cathedral of La Plata. 



Christmas Concert

On the 22nd of December Marie-Juliette will be hosting a Christmas Concert in the Cathedral of La Plata.   

Christmas Concert

On December 14th & 16th Marie-Juliette participated in a Christmas Concert.  

Charity Concert

 On November 24th, Marie-Juliette will be performing a Benefit concert in the Parroquia of Santa Rosa de Lima. 

Charity Concert

 On the 14/10/2018, Marie-Juliette performed for a private dinner at the Catedral La Plata. 

Wedding performance.

 Marie-Juliette sung during a wedding at the San Jose church in La Plata.

'Marie-Juliette Tango' Release

June 27th (2018) was the official release of Marie-Juliette's newest music album 'Marie-Juliette Tango'. 



Wedding performance

Marie-Juliette sung during the celebration and after party of a wedding in December, in the Iglesia Santa Rosa de Lima, La Plata, Argentina.

Benefit performance

In September Marie-Juliette sung during a charity event in La Plata, Argentina.


Marie-Juliette sung a series of songs during a during a party in La Plata, Argentina.

Solo benefit concert

On the 18th of March, Marie-Juliette performed in a solo charity concert, in Oratorio don Bosco, La Plata, Argentina.

Release of Christmas Evening.

The release of Marie-Juliette's single, 'Christmas Evening' took place on the first few days of January of 2017. 

Christmas presentation

A few days before Christmas, Marie-Juliette participated on a Christmas's play hosted by Oratorio don Bosco, La Plata, Argentina.



Summer Concert

24/07/2016 & 14/08/2016 Marie-Juliette hosted two Summer concerts in the St. Laurentius church in Alkmaar, and the St. Petrus Paulus church in Bergen, the Netherlands.

Church performance

Marie-Juliette sang during a church celebration in the beautiful St. Bavo cathedral in Haarlem, the Netherlands.

Share the big news

On the 28th of October (2016), Marie-Juliette participated in an event from the Argentinian Embassy of Holland, in Den Haag where she sung a number of songs.

Recording Tango album.

From 2016 till 2018, Marie-Juliette has been recording the songs for her new upcoming Tango album in Buenos Aires, Argentina.



Christmas Concert

Marie-Juliette gave a Christmas concert in the beautiful Catedral de La Plata, on Christmas eve, accompanied by pianist, Paula Gelpi.

Christmas Concert

In the St. Petrus Paulus church in Bergen, Marie-Juliette performed a solo Christmas concert on the 6th of December (2015).


On the 1st of November, Marie-Juliette sung during a concert hosted by Dub de Vries, in the Odulphus church in Assendelft, the Netherlands.

Guest performance

Marie-Juliette appeared as a guest performer during the jubileum concert of the orchestra 'Malando' on the 2nd of October, in the theater de Doelen in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Benefit presentation

Marie-Juliette participated in a benefit concert, in het Reghujs, Westzaan, the Netherlands.

Summer Concerts 2015.

On the 26th of July, 5th and 8th of August, Marie-Juliette gave three solo charity concerts in St. Joseph church in Alkmaar, St. Laurentius church in Alkmaar, and the St. Petrus Paulus church in Bergen, the Netherlands, to support the churches. 



Marie-Juliette sung a series of songs during a shopping event in Alkmaar, the Netherlands.


During an event in the Telefooncentrale in Alkmaar, Marie-Juliette performed a few songs for the audience. 

Participation in TV program: Superkids

Marie-Juliette participated of the national TV program, called Superkids from RTL4, where she sang the beautiful Argentinian tango, mi Buenos Aires querido, accompanied by the legendary Tango orchestra, known as Malando. The event was hosted by Johnny de Mol and Wendy van Dijk. 

Recording my single

Throughout the entire year of 2015, Marie-Juliette traveled regularly to England, where she finalized the writing of her song and did the recordings.



Christmas Celebration.

On Christmas eve, Marie-Juliette, sang during the celebration of The Holy Mass, in the Catedral de La Plata.

Christms Concert

Marie-Juliette performed a solo Christmas Concert on the 20th of December (2014), in Nuestra Señora de la Merced in La Plata, Argentina, accompanied by Pianist, Esteban de Bardecci.


Christmas presentations

On the 17th a19th of December, 2014. Marie-Juliette performed a series of Christmas songs during a charity Christmas presentation in La Plata, Argentina.

Rose of Summer relase.

On the 12th of November, 2014, Marie-Juliette's second music album, Rose of Summer was officially released. The album contains a series of classical-crossover songs, which were live-recorded during Marie-Juliette's summer tour on 2014, along with pianist, Rudolf Krabbendam.

Finals of Alkmaar's Talent.

The Finals of Alkmaar's Talent took place in the TAQA theater 'de Vest', in Alkmaar, The Netherlands. 

With Jury: Angela Groothuizen, Tommy Christian, Laurine Verstraten, and Ralf Mackenbach.

Presented by: Norman Ramazan and Roxanna van der Mulen.

Solo concert

During the month of October, Marie-Juliette performed a solo concert in 'de Nieuwe Marke' accompanied by pianist, Do van Leeuwen.

Wedding performance.

18/10/2014. Performance during a lovely wedding in the St. Laurentius church in Alkmaar, the aNetherlands.

Half-finals of Alkmaar's Talent

The Half-finals of the talent show, Alkmaar's talent, took 11th of October (2014) in the TAQA theater 'de Vest' in Alkmaar, The Netherlands. 

With Jury: Laurine Verstraten (from RTL4), Bram van Oers, Fons Vreeker, an Nanska van der Laarn.


Quarter finals of Alkmaar's Talent.

On the 28/09/2014, the quarter finals of the talentshow, Alkmaar's talent took place in the theater 'Artiance'. 

With jury: Norman Ramazan, Michelle Splietelhof, and Oscar Koch.

Sumer Concerts (2014)

20/07/2014 till 10/08/2014. Summer Concert tours in the churches, St. Laurentius (Alkmaar, The Netherlands), St. Joseph (Alkmaar, The Netherlands), and St. Petrus Paulus (Bergen, The Netherlands).

Solo concert in Italy

04/07/2014. First international solo concert in Italy.

I love New York Musical.

21/07/2014 & 22/07/2014. Marie-Juliette participated in the Musical 'I love New York' which took place in the theater 'De Naald' in Naaldwijk, The Netherlands.

Alkmaar's Talent auditions.

14/06/2014. Auditions for talent show in Alkmaar, The Netherlands. 

Golden Christmas release.

14/02/2014. Launch of Marie-Juliette's first album, 'Golden Christmas'. This album contains the recordings from Marie-Juliette' s concert in the St.Petrus Paulus church in Bergen, accompanied by pianist Rudolf Krabbendam. 

2013 and earlier


First solo/Christmas concert.

14/12/2013. On the 14th of December, 2013, Marie-Juliette performed her first solo Christmas Concert in the beautiful St. Petrus Paulus church in Bergen, The Netherlands.

Lead singer of Spanish mass.

Since 2011 up until 2016, Marie-Juliette's has been the official singer for the Spanish mass in the St. Joseph church in Alkmaar, The Netherlands.

Christmas Solo performance

During Christmas mass of 2012, Marie-Juliette sung a series of Christmas songs.

First solo performance

In 2008, Marie-Juliette performed for the very first time on stage, at the age of 5, during a church celebration in Argentina.