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Tango - El dia que me quieras

The music video for the song 'El dia que me quieras' from my new Tango album! Enjoy!!

Mi Buenos Aires querido

Tango 'Mi Buenos Aires Querido' performed by Marie-Juliette and the orchestra 'Malando' in the TV program 'Superkids' from RTL4.

O mio babbino caro

'O mio babbino caro' sung by Marie-Juliette during the finals of Alkmaar's talent. 


Tango 'Volver' performed by Marie-Juliette official video.

My Heart will go on

'My Heart will go on' sung by Marie-Juliette.

Vrij als een vogel

Music video for 'Vrij als een vogel' performed by Marie-Juliette.

Christmas Evening

'Christmas Evening' is Marie-Juliette's recently released Christmas single! Click HERE for more information.


The 'Alleluja' from Mozart sung by Marie-Juliette during a wedding.

Ave Maria

Marie-Juliette singing the 'Ave Maria' from Schubert.

Hear O Lord